Greg Harper


"To be able to compress the essence of a story, the emotion, the cause and effect into four and a half minutes takes a rare talent and one that Greg Harper seems to have in his soul."

"Great songs."

"A little bit reminiscent of Ralph McTell at his best."

"Penetratingly powerful songs, with lyrics that cut hard, wide and deep."

"The true mark of penmanship".

"A huge success. Greg Harper won everyone's hearts. The audience loved him."

"Gossamer Wings is a very beautiful, poignant and haunting song."

"I dropped by to have a listen to your songs. Really lovely stuff. 'Birdsong' is a beauty."

"Listen carefully. The words are precious."

"There is much to admire in Greg Harper's music. He is clearly a gifted poet with a skill for creating evocative imagery. His voice is in the tradition of many great English singer-songwriters, with a rich and sonorous tonality."

"One of the goals of Radio Riel is to play and promote the work of excellent musicians. We were so pleased to be able to feature your work."

"I am a songwriter from Canada. I was trying hard to put lyrics together on a song I've still not finished. I went looking for award-winning lyrics to get some inspiration and found your lyrics to 'So Little Gain'. They made me choke. Awesome, amazing, beautiful lyrics."

"1960s poetic folk --Dylan, Baez, Phil Ochs, Simon & Garfunkel, et al--is the music of my 20s, and your music and lyrics take me back to that era and put me in mind of those artists, their language and music---simply presented, deeply felt."

"Well Spun Lies is an album of delicious self-penned songs delivered by an English songwriter writing about his country, his experiences and the intense emotions that move his soul. The warm richness of his vocals overlay simply constructed yet enticing melodies to make this album a thought-provoking listen -- just prepare to weep as the words cut to your core."

"I found your piece very moving. It was one of the foundations on which I built the programme playlist."

"Songs to Contemplate and Remember."

"Excellent songs."