No Damn Illusion. Let's not go back to 'normal' after...

So in time,  when this current pandemic lessens, or becomes treatable, let's not return to 'normal'.

Let's hope that as a species we can learn from the whole experience and do things better in future.

Better for the environment, better for animals of all kinds, better for us as a result.

Prevention is better than cure after all.


We’re in it together, a fait accompli 

There’s no illusion no, nothing to see 

Where once stood a forest, now’s a broken-down tree 

It’s no damn illusion, you take it from me 

We’re in it together how should we count the cost? 

Of all of the treasures now stolen or lost 

The treasures that we can never regain 

From the greed and destruction, of which we are blamed 

There once flew an owl, the wisest of friends 

There once swam a whale in the ocean’s depths 

Once grazed some livestock, before factory pens 

Now god help creation that we vilipend 

We should’ve had faith, we all should’ve prayed 

But the god of all gods said that we had betrayed 

Betrayed all the trust, that he had bestowed 

And we’d ravaged the garden, of all that he sowed 

We’re in it together, how cosy and nice 

Where no-one is culpable no, no-one thinks twice 

We’re in it together, a fait accompli 

It’s no damn illusion, you take it from me 

It’s no damn illusion, you get nothing for free



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