Songs Of Remembrance

Greg Harper

Lest we forget..... Songs to contemplate and Remember

"Songs to Contemplate and Remember" AROUND KENT FOLK MAGAZINE

BIRDSONG... A song inspired by a WW1 Memorial, in Mouse Lane near Steyning, West Sussex. A song that compares the simple beauty of life that a man had prior to the war, compared to the one that he now found himself in as a soldier, fighting in the trenches of the First World War.

DELVILLE WOOD... This song was inspired by a visit to this most moving place in The Somme Battlefields of France, early one summer morning. The wood was the site of an horrific struggle in early July 1916, as part of the 'Battle of The Somme'. Many thousands of lives were lost by both sides in the conflict as a battle was fought to capture this woodland. Amongst many though, the worst casualties of all were suffered by the South African Brigade. This song is dedicated to the men of the South African Brigade who fought, died, and still lie in Delville Wood.

SO LITTLE GAIN... A poignant song inspired by images from the Cenotaph, the all too brief obituaries in the news about the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the most moving scenes of their repatriation coming from RAF Lyneham and the small Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett.

GOODBYE FRIEND... A song for a lost friend, never forgotten.

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