Goodbye Friend. New video... old song... reimagined.

Greg would love to share with you, a new video, to an old song, Goodbye Friend.

A year ago today he lost Woolly. A dear companion, and friend for nearly 16 years. You might guess that with a name like Woolly… he was a dog! You'd be right. 

The song was originally released in 2009 on an EP called Songs Of Remembrance.

It was written for a human friend, who, throughout the time Greg knew him, never called Greg by his name. He only ever called him ‘friend’.

Greg asked Paul Linale if he would rework the song as a celebration of life in general, and he recorded the song again from scratch, performing and producing all the music, with Greg's new vocal added.

He has done a wonderful job, creating a beautiful, uplifting, moving piece. 

So whether you have shared your life with a dog or not, it doesn't matter.

The song is really about friendship.

Here is to friendship, in all it's forms!

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