1. Colours

From the recording Colours



It was just a little picture hanging there on the café wall
Between the nineteen-thirties poster and the mountains of Nepal
It was just a little picture of a perfect little scene
A red roofed house, blue-ribbon sky and the grass all crayoned green

Every corner had a window and a path led to the door
Smoke curled from the chimney stack you could hardly ask for more
And in the top left corner shone a bright yellow sun
There was pigtails, pink rosy cheeks and a smile for everyone

Now the doggy in the picture had two eyes and a tail
A sort of ragged doggy shape but the image didn’t fail
The scale could be forgiven, as it’s often hard to gauge
But after all a dog’s a dog when it’s drawn upon the page

Well I overheard somebody say “Well it ain’t up to much
When compared to a Rembrandt well they haven’t got the touch”
But to me that little picture hanging there on the café wall
Was just as good as Rembrandt, triangular skirt and all

Well it seemed to me that everything was right there in its place
A kind of little masterpiece of a younger time and space
And I wondered if the artist would still see things so bold
What simple colours life can be back when your five years old