1. Feel the Power

From the recording In It Together


There’s a new beginning, brand new start
Every living soul can play their part
In a brand new world, can you feel it rise
The sun is streaming out across the land
There’s children playing, hand in hand
The message is clear, comes as no surprise

You can hear it in the whisper of the falling rain
Hear it as the thunder rolls across the plain
Smell it in the air, after an April shower
You can feel it in your heart as a friendship grows
See it in the sky as a sunset glows
Through the mists of time, where the ancients cower

Can you see it?
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Here it comes

You can see it soar over Angels Landing
See it in the smile of Seven Sisters standing
And the waves that wash the broken shore
You can see it in the rise, see it in the fall
From Butser Hill to Hadrian’s Wall
And in the stark hard beauty of a Dartmoor tor

Can you see it?
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Here it comes

It was hidden from view, in plain sight
Couldn’t be felt, though some might
A forgotten joy, now remembered
A gift of love, freely tendered

You can hear it proclaimed from the tree top roosts
Hear it shouted from the cities roofs
Hear it peal in the church bell tower
You can hear it preached from Pulpit Rock
Now the word is out, it can never be stopped
Great god almighty, feel the power
Great god almighty, feel the power