1. Gibbet Wood

From the recording Colours



You ask my name it’s Jack sir
And brothers I have one
We’re paupers from the country
And money we have none
I don’t say we was right sir
To do what we done
To rob the coach at Blakehurst
To rob the mail and run

They say that there’s no honour
Honour amongst thieves
But of the two there’s one sir
Waiting beneath the eaves
Waiting for the gallows
To do what must be done
But still there’s no names rollin’
Rollin’ off my tongue

For two long years I hung there
Tarred above the ground
My accomplice still rides free sir
Free and unbowed
And me I lie in Gibbet Wood
Just off the Monarch’s Way
Under the trees in a bluebell wood
I still lie there today

You ask my name it’s Jack sir
I ain’t proud of what I done