1. Highdown Hill

From the recording Colours



It stood there proud and tall
A windmill built on Highdown Hill
Catching the wind to grind away the corn
Now the miller worked every hour
Milling those sacks of local flour
Some say in a way he’s even found there still

And the windmills they go round and round
Turning there without a sound
For everyone that’s lookin’ to be seen
And time is turning too I guess
With nothin’ learned nothin’ left
Turnin’ turnin’ turnin’ endlessly

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To gaze out upon the weald
A view so pretty it’s always been
But standing here on Highdown Hill
The view is ever changing still
With nothin’ but progress to be seen


Now the miller can’t believe it’s true
Windmills standin’ row on row
In a place there should be nothin’ but sea
Now they’re rusted up and broken down
A few miles south of the town
They’re all that remains of a foolish subsidy