1. Murmurs

From the recording In It Together


I’m hiding in the lich gate, looking down
At all of my friends running around
But up here in the darkness I can’t be seen
We’re playing hide and seek, can you picture the scene?

That old streetlamp is shining down
Creating a circle on the ground
Footsteps approach, you stand within
The lamplight shining golden on your skin

It was only a game we were playing
Only words someone was saying
It’s only love, remember the song
It’s only here, till it’s gone

Now the last one found is the first to chase
As they scatter I’m only searching for your face
We run through the night till we both fall down
Aroused and breathless, dreams unbound


I thought those days would last forever
Thought these tales would never be told
But time has a funny way of unravelling
The deepest murmurs of your soul