1. Roses

From the recording Colours



Something today led my mind away
To a time that was gentle and kind
A person I knew and all that they grew
Came flooding back into my mind

It was not someone close fairly distant I suppose
Just someone I’d see on my way
But the memory the scent seemed heaven sent
Bright colours so cheerful and gay

Yes the roses ring a roses roses that hung on your wall
Yes the roses ring a roses the roses I loved most of all

Well the daisies were quaint and the violets by the gate
Were pretty perfect and small
And I was entranced as the red poppies danced
But the roses I loved most of all


Each summer I’d see your garden pristine
Tended with love and with grace
But something I missed was time’s potent kiss
Defined by another line on your face


Oh now how I miss summer’s sweet kiss
As I passed on my way home from school
And the passing of time so brief yours and mine
Now seems so fleeting and cruel