From the recording Unadorned



Church bells are ringing
It’s your wedding day
Songbird is singing
It’s the way things ought to be
On your finger he places
A new wedding band
A ring that will cover up
A shadow on your hand

You walk down the aisle
Smiling at your friends
Looking through your veil
To the man at the end
When you get there and he turns
And you both make your stand
Can you feel as he touches you
A shadow on your hand

A shadow that time can’t erase
A shadow where love has left it’s trace on you

It’s the end of the day
All the vows have been said
Your husband lies sleeping
Alone in your bed
As you take off your make-up
And you come down to land
Tell me if you still feel
A shadow on your hand
Is the love that you’re holding just
A shadow on your hand?