1. The Story

From the recording In It Together


Jesus was sure in trouble
As he walked up Calvary Hill
Head adorned with a crown of thorns
And nailed on a cross to kill
But just a few days later
He was back at his father’s throne
An angel came down to that sacred little town
And rolled away the stone

And just when you thought it was over
Just when you thought it was done
Just when you thought it was dead and buried
Well... the story’s just begun

Now RMS Titanic
Was the grandest ship they’d seen
Danger ahead but on she sped
Till the lookout let out a scream
And as the waters claimed her
And the liner sank below
Who’d have thought, or even bought
All the merchandise we’ve come to know


Tommy was fighting in the trenches
Praying for his life
Whizz, bang, fizz, clang
Then there’s nothing left to find
But all these many years later
As a plough moves over the land
Moves a clod, and by the hand of god
Tommy reaches out a hand


Now there’s six black horses
Pulling red white and blue
A British scene, so serene
As St Paul’s comes into view
Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re left
The resounding facts are few
But whatever was done, whatever was won
Was resolute, brave and true