From the recording Unadorned

This song was inspired by, and written for, Chestnut Tree House, Children's Hospice in Sussex, England.
Of course the circumstances of the song are not just restricted to this location. They are relevant to people and families all over the world too.
The modern 'Christmas' is often a time of excess, and it is easy to forget that some people at this time of year are just grateful for the 'gift' of life itself.
This song takes the angle of an adult struggling to come to terms with a child's terminal illness, whilst the child itself (as many do) accepts the circumstances, takes each day as it comes, and bravely makes the most of every moment they have.

It was a hard song to write... and it is a hard song to perform live.



You ask me, "Will there be snow this christmas
And if so, will I still be here to see
The coloured lights a’ shining
Family and friends smiling
And the presents all wrapped
Under the tree?"

You ask me, "Is it true that there’s a heaven
And if so, will they have room for me
Where flowers never die
And butterflies all fly
And the other children
All can play with me?"

"Is it true
That I can’t stay
Will my fear
Ever fade away?"

"Is it true that there’s no pain in heaven
Are the angels as pretty as they say
Do the stars all shine bright
A magic twinkling light
And can we trick or treat

"Is it true
Can I stay?
All my fear
Is fading away"

You ask me, 'will there be snow this Christmas?'
It’s hard not to choke on my reply
I say the snow will be so deep
And all who are pained can sleep
And the brightest star of all
Will light up the sky

You ask me will there be snow this Christmas