From the recording Vignettes


The ferry-house stands stark
‘gainst a threatening sky so dark
Ocean’s set to rise, higher than high
My intuition says
It’ll flood tonight

My father lived here all his life
Now I live here with my wife
And my children have followed the flow
Yes, the tidelands
Are all we know

For me, I’ve never cared for wealth
Been happy in love, lucky in health
Always held myself a community view
Folks round here
It’s what we do

But in the dead of night I hear the revenants in my head
They’re warning of some troubling times ahead
But in the morning’s sweet light, I find them gone
But their warnings linger on

In ’53 I was lucky to survive
Ever since I’ve kept a watchful eye
But now the future’s taking a different form
So we brace ourselves
For the gathering storm