From the recording Well Spun Lies



How long will the waves
Keep on rolling to the shore
How long will your sweet love
Leave me wanting more
How long has it been
Since the earth began to turn
Always and forever
In my heart your love will burn

People often ask
If you won what would you do
To tell the truth the lottery
Ain’t something that I do
‘Cause I’ve already won
All the riches I could accrue
Always and forever
From the day I met you

Always and forever my heart will be true
Always and forever give my love to only you
Always and forever till the end of time
Always and forever and that’s a long long time

How much is it worth
To feel the kiss of the breeze
How much is it worth
To hear the sighing of the trees
How much would I give
To know your love is only mine
Always and forever
And that’s a long long time