Well Spun Lies

Greg Harper

'Listen carefully. The words are precious.' .... thought provoking and award winning lyrics laid over gentle melodies.

'Well Spun Lies' from Greg Harper - Delicious self-penned songs.

"Well Spun Lies is an album of delicious self-penned songs delivered by an English songwriter writing about his country, his experiences and the intense emotions that move his soul. The warm richness of his vocals overlay simply constructed yet enticing melodies to make this album a thought-provoking listen -- just prepare to weep as the words cut to your core.

Greg explores his firm love of his country through songs such as 'Something's Changed' to make a last-ditch stand against the disposable society that tries to make so many values outdated. By way of contrast 'Sweet River' although casting a sorrowful note, recalls the enduring wonder and gentle quiet of rural England. With the emotive 'Voices In The Wind' his lyrics grieve for the rampant urbanisation and highway construction madness that desecrates the South Downs in Sussex.

His native obligation to England's past is also reflected in his songs about her history and the people involved. 'Capel-le-Ferne' is Greg's homage to the young men who defended his country from the air in 1940. Inspired by the Battle of Britain memorial site at Capel-le-Ferne, the song tells its tale from an old man's view as a once-young fighter pilot recalls intense moments of exhilaration and fear in the war-torn skies. Perhaps at his storytelling best with 'November Sky' inspired by 'Blitz-The Bombing of Coventry' Greg relates the first-hand accounts from survivors of the German Luftwaffe's night-bombing of Coventry on 14th November 1940.

There's also a selection of reflective and desperate songs exploring the joy and hate relationships can cause. The passion roams from the cautionary tale of 'Well Spun Lies' through the effortless love contained within 'Always And Forever' to the harrowing anguish of 'Road To Nowhere' -- all carried unswervingly on their way by Greg's evocative vocals and mellow guitar".

Playing alongside Greg on 'Well Spun Lies' are Chris Davis (mandolin) Gary Holder (double bass, tuba) Tom Holder (keyboards) Gary Mobsby (harmony vocals) ...FolkWords...

Well Spun Lies has also received the following review from Fatea magazine:

"I've always been impressed by the observational singer/songwriters that are as much storytellers as they are composers. To be able to compress the essence of a story, the emotion, the cause and effect into four and a half minutes takes a rare talent and one that Greg Harper seems to have in his soul...His song from the perspective of a Battle Of Britain veteran sheer poetry"

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