1. Good Life

From the recording Bricks & Dust

Good Life.
Raymond Hedges 10.12.1928 - 30.09.2014

I first met Ray Hedges at The Willows Folk Club in Arundel, West Sussex in 2002. He was then retired, having been a farmer in the local area for most of his life.
With his wife Mary he used to visit the local Folk Clubs most evenings of the week, performing his favourite songs and accompanying himself on his accordion.
Many a time over the next 10 years or so, when I was out performing at the Folk Clubs too, I would get to hear him sing 'Grandfather's Clock', 'Down By The Dockyard Wall' & 'Fling It Here, Fling it There' to very popular applause.
Ray sadly lost Mary in April 2010, and shortly afterwards, had his own health issues to overcome, which he did.
Ray was a gentle man and a gentleman. He had a great sense of humour and pragmatism. I was very fond of him. He passed away himself on the 30th September 2014, and was laid to rest, rejoining his beloved wife Mary, at St John The Evangelist Churchyard, Bury, West Sussex.
I wrote the song 'Good Life' during his last year, as I watched him struggle with his health. Knowing him as I did, I took the unusual step of telling him about the song's existence, and with his consent, I sent him a copy to listen to along with the lyric. My last conversation with him was about the song.
He said, "I really love the song Greg. Whenever you play it I will be beaming down on you from above"
Well Ray...beam on... you will never be forgotten.



Well Mary I’m tired now and I think I’ll come in
The light it is fading as the nighttime begins
I’ve been workin’ all day and I’m just about done
Been weathered by the wind and rain but warmed by the sun

Well Mary I’m tired now but it’s been a good life
Shared the love of a family enjoyed the love of my wife
And friends I’ve had many and I’ve sung with delight
Fell asleep at the darkling and rose with the light

So Mary let me join you once more we are one
The toil it was heavy but the fun was really fun
Let’s rest here together and become each other’s dreams
Our life it was love and our love was life’s dream

Well Mary I’m tired now and I think I’ll come in