Bricks & Dust

Greg Harper

A lyricist's dream. Beautifully crafted, insightful songs, about our place in the world, and the effect that we are having upon it.

Bricks & Dust is an album which touches on many facets of our modern life, and the way in which, as a race we behave. There are songs which touch on environmental issues, such as the plight of the bees and the loss of other wildlife in 'Gossamer Wings' and 'No Answer' and the subject of fracking in 'Cool Clear Water. There are songs that relate to the futility and endless pursuit of war, such as 'Just Waitin' and 'All Been Done Before'. There are songs too of serene beauty, and for an appreciation of life, and the countryside that surrounds us, in 'The Downs' and 'Good Life'. You will recognise it all.

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