1. No Answer

From the recording Bricks & Dust



I was sitting in a heavenly place reading ‘bout hell on earth
When man fought man in another land a few years before my birth
And I’m wondering now on the scale of it how much has really changed
There’s conflict in so many lands as borders get rearranged

It’s an honest tale of life and death how it was with the Old Breed
Destruction death disaster a harrowing brutal read
We fight the fight we right the wrong we pray thy will be done
And if we’re lucky some survive to say the war is won

It makes me think of heaven and the Holy Trinity’s tryst
A figment of imagination or does it really exist
And if it does how welcome then to save us from our woes
To stand in line your friend and mine along with all our foes

And at the gates of heaven a welcoming Saint Peter said
“How nice to see a living soul as most I see are dead”
And all around there was a throng of animals of every kind
Gatherin’ up two by two just trying to get inside

There was a whale who had a harpoon scar just beginning to heal
A tusk-less face bloody disgrace and a bludgeoned baby seal
A thousand noble horses who got a bullet to the head
There’s turtles tigers rhinos too but most of them were dead

Just then a cuckoo flew aloft but someone shot it down
“Not so fast” Saint Peter laughed as he put the rifle down
Now maybe my mind is running wild maybe some seeds have been sown
Maybe these thoughts are shared by you or maybe they’re just my own

So where’s the reaper in his cloak the ringer of the bell
And where’s the saviour in his shroud to save us from this hell
Or is it just as I suspect there’s no one there at all
The gate’s locked shut we’re out of luck no answer to it all