1. Sweet River

From the recording Well Spun Lies



There’s a spring at the foot of the hillside, from which clear water does flow
From a spring to a stream, growing broader, till a brook so steadily flows
From a brook it leads on to the river, from whence it runs down to the sea
It’s an inspirational source of nature and a source of inspiration to me

Lead on sweet river lead on, through meadows so lush and so green
Through woodland alive with the songbird, to places kingfishers are seen
Lead on sweet river ever onward, passed the banks and the riverside glades
Where poets once lay in repose and the hearts of young lover’s remain

Lead on sweet river lead on, passed mills you serviced so long
Passed villages now hushed and deserted and churches that long for a song
Where people once heard the bells peal, all the paintwork is peeled and worn
A village oh a village to belong to, lead on sweet river lead on

There’s a gentle kind of living, still to be found, by the side of these life giving streams
Where the quiet and stillness of morning, matches the beauty the night sky brings
And England, oh England, your beauty, so ever and ever remains
Where the streams run down to the rivers and the rivers run down through your plains